In October the Walnut Hills Civic Association contacted the City of Centennial regarding cut through traffic and speeding on many of our neighborhood streets.  This issue has been a long-standing problem within Walnut Hills.  There is a group of residents along Davies who have pursued traffic calming devices multiple times in the past 4 years.  
The City of Centennial offers the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP).  Citizens can submit applications to the City based on concerns about speeding and cut-through traffic.  The City will then collect data and determine if a street meets the criteria of the NTMP, and if so, will work with the neighborhood to create a solution.  It is the only existing City program that addresses traffic calming in neighborhoods. See the NTMP flowchart here as well as on the City’s website at
The WHCA requested the findings of the traffic data that was collected by the City as a result of the NTMP requests.  Two studies were completed in May of 2015 and again just a few weeks ago in November of 2018 along Davies Avenue.  Traffic numbers in both instances exceeded 500 cars and speeds averaged 30 mph.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t qualify Davies for further investigation into traffic calming devises.  The WHCA is continuing to work with the City on the posted speed limit, and some safety measures around the Davies entrance to Walnut Hills Park.  The WHCA will also continue to request data collection on other high volume/high speed streets in the neighborhood. Collected information will be published as it becomes available.  
The WHCA has also reached out to the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s office to inquire about additional patrols and will provide information as it becomes available. The Sheriff’s traffic complaint line is 720-874-3825.