Here is the update from Ting:
Hello Walnut Hills Neighborhood. This is Mark Gotto the Ting City Manager. The construction in Walnut Hills has been completed for almost 8 months now. We continue to see great interest in the neighborhood. Our take rates for our product is high. We will be having a back to school promotion coming at the end of the month so please look out for our communication on this great deal.
There have been two sections in Walnut Hills we have not been able to serve. This is due to utilities under ground that we can not maneuver through and a new active cabinet that needs to be built. No one has been more frustrated about not being able to serve these addresses more then Ting. I have received SEVERAL emails concerned about why ting is not available. Trust me that the obstacles involved with serving theses areas are out of our control.
With that said I do promise that we will eventually service everyone in Walnut Hills. We have figured out how to get around the gas lines and that plan is in design as we speak. We are finalizing the active cabinet so we can service all the remaining homes. My SOLID prediction is that all of Walnut Hills will be able to have crazy fast internet by September of 2019. Again, I promise you we are moving as fast as we can.
Thanks, and please email me at if you have any questions…
Mark Gotto