We will be lighting up the remainder of Walnut Hills in the middle of December. The difference with this process is that we will need to place the handholes in the city sidewalk instead of the city ROW due to the gas lines. This is going to cause some disruption.
1) Ting will start construction in the Fremont area (map attached) starting 11-18.
2) We will be hanging a door hanger with the proper communication on doors that will be impacted.
3) This construction will be different then past construction. Ting will need to place the handhole in the sidewalk instead of the city right-of-way ( Little to no digging will be done in the yard, it will be focused on the sidewalk)
4) This process will take several weeks. Signs and safety cones will be placed all along the area of construction.
5) Once the construction is completed the sidewalk will be back to its previous walkable condition.

:: Mark Gotto

City Manager; Centennial, Colorado

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