Public Hearing regarding 24 hour Conditional Use on Arapahoe Road
Your comments are encouraged as soon as possible
Centennial City Council will have a public hearing on February 1, 2021 at 7pm regarding a request for a conditional use of a 24 hour gas station at Arapahoe Road and Paris Street. This site is the current vacant bank building near Centennial Gun Club and Noodles & Company, west of Peoria.
The thought among many of us is that if Centennial City Council approves this 24 hour conditional use for the gas station, many other businesses along Arapahoe Road and other major roadways in the city will also ask for and be approved for a 24 hour operation. This will permanently change the current character of the entire area.
You and/or your community is encouraged to submit an email comment by noon on February 1, 2021 to or call 303.325.8087 and record your 3 minute comments for Centennial City Council. Please note that the recording will end at 3 minutes with no warning. You can also speak during the live virtual meeting by signing up via the email address above. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR FULL NAME AND ADDRESS FOR THE RECORD IN YOUR WRITTEN AND VOICE COMMENTS. Please also include case number COND-20-0001
The CenCON board wrote and submitted a letter to oppose this conditional use request. Here are some of the reasons, based on a conversation during a recent CenCON meeting, that we oppose this request:
1.    A 24-hour use would change the character of the community and possibly encourage other businesses along Arapahoe Rd to seek a 24-hour use.
2.    This one location’s conditional use will be seen as a major policy change that signals to businesses throughout Centennial that 24-hour use is more important than the current character of the City.
3.    We believe that any 24-hour operation should be located near an interstate highway rather than along a major roadway in the City that includes residential living properties.
Thank you for your consideration of our communities and for being an important voice regarding what our city will look like for the future.